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Hey, Don't Look Down: Beat 'Tech Neck' Today

Did You Know...

Hold onto your hats, folks—bending your neck to scroll through your phone can put as much as 60 pounds of stress on your spine. That's the weight of 10 bowling balls all concentrated on your neck!

Dubbed "tech neck," this modern-day plight affects everyone, from work-from-home adults to our TikTok-loving teens and pre-teens.

So, what's the big deal? Well, when your head dives into that forward posture, you invite more and more headaches and neck pain—and this isn't an adults-only issue anymore. Every day, we're seeing this in more and more kids.

Why It Matters

In our digital age, it's pretty much everyone vs. tech neck. But get this: chiropractic care offers a medication-free way to kick those painful symptoms to the curb!

Next Steps

Here's your game plan: stretch, stretch, and stretch some more! Just tuck that chin, spread those arms, look up to the sky, and hold for 10-15 seconds. This simple move will help you "reset" that tech neck posture every hour.

And don't forget the kiddos—show them how it's done! Need more guidance? We're here to help with posture assessments and personalized plans to get everyone in your clan standing tall and feeling great!

Until next week, make time for your self-care. Be sure to have your next appointment scheduled and to favorite our social channels for more!