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Stop Bad Sleep Habits!

Studies have shown that making a habit of cutting our Zzz's short night after night after night can actually lead to an uptick in body aches. Yep, on top of added stress and a shorter fuse, every time you move, you'll feel it too!

Remember, sleep isn't just about resetting our brains. It's crucial recovery and repair time for your body and immune system. That's why one sleepless night can leave you feeling tired... and several, like you're falling apart.

The good news? By adopting some nighttime rituals—and making it a point not to skip your next adjustment—you can put those all-too-familiar days filled with brain fog and body aches "to bed" once and for all!

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Why It Matters

Get this. When you maintain consistent bedtime habits, your brain begins to link these activities with sleep. As a result, when you start your routine, your brain preps your body for that deep, rejuvenating slumber you really need.

From diving into a good book to tuning out from the digital world, there's no shortage of habits you can adopt to help prepare your body for the deep sleep it craves. Your wind-down time could start with a shower, journaling, etc.

Whatever you choose, stick to it! And if you're carrying some extra tension in your neck and shoulders, stop in and see us. Trust us, your body will thank you! (And we're more than happy to let you pick our brains for even more sleep tips!)

Until next week, make time for your self-care. Be sure to have your next appointment scheduled and to favorite our social channels for more!

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