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Your Neck Is Like Jenga

Neck pain isn't picky. (Tell you something you didn't know, right?) But even if it's your job to help people avoid neck pain, it can sneak up on you. Even if you stretch every hour, one minute you can be fine and the next—ouch!

A friend actually comes to mind. He loves tinkering around in his workshop just about every day. He also lifts weights three times a week, he runs on his off days, and we've even worked together to fine-tune his posture.

He was going into dinner with a stiff neck almost every day–something he wrote off as coming along with a hard day's work. But when he had to avoid turning his head, he knew something had to be up (sound familiar?) and reached out.

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Your neck is actually a very complex system with multiple moving parts. Ever played Jenga—the game where you have to remove and stack blocks without toppling the tower? One wrong move, and it's game over.

Maybe you've brushed off neck stiffness too. That same friend will be the first to tell you that paying a little more attention to what your body's saying can go a long way. It was his game-changer for what used to be daily neck pain.

Sometimes, all it takes to get back to your usual self is a gentle nudge (literally!) in the right direction. If you've been living around a pain in your neck, give us a call!

Until next week, make time for your self-care. Be sure to have your next visit scheduled, and, if you like what you read, we hope you'll forward to a friend.

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