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Headache Relief Without Meds: Try Chiropractic Care

Did You Know...

Movement is actually a critical part of the healing process for many different types of headaches. Headaches fall into two main categories: primary or secondary.

Primary headaches have no official known cause, while secondary headaches are diagnosed as being caused by another physical issue in the body.

Take cervicogenic headaches for example. These headaches are actually referred pain from the neck, so they are considered secondary. Correcting the cause of the dysfunction in the neck can be a very effective way to treat these headaches.

Why It Matters

No doubt you made a key connection from that example. Chiropractic care, from actual adjustments to lifestyle adjustments, can be an effective tool for reducing the frequency, intensity, and duration of many common headaches.

Next Steps

So, if you've been living with headaches, remember that medications aren't your only option. In fact, relying too heavily on over-the-counter medications can sometimes lead to more headaches! That's where we come in.

Whether your headaches are primary or secondary, chiropractic care can be a helpful tool in managing them. Our team has the know-how to identify the cause and come up with a game-plan to help you find lasting relief, no meds required.

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